Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Alkaline Water and Free Radicals

Alkaline water has helped many people with many different ailments.  I have personally seen it help with skin conditions, gout, energy levels, allergies, spider veins.  The list is endless.  In this post, I want to go over why these things occurr with a person drinking this water, so some of the mystery is resolved.  I have heard people call this miracle water, or the fountain of youth, and after you read this blog, you will understand why.

First and foremost, alkaline water is alkaline. Duh. It says it right in the name! But what does this mean? Well, alkalinity measures how acidic or how basic something is.  Your blood needs to be a certain pH in order for you to function properly.  Most of your organs also need to be alkaline as well. But, a lot of people nowadays lead very acidic lives drinking lots of coffee and soda, eating meat and carbs, and leading stressfull lives.  All of these can cause someone's pH level to drop.  Drinking alkaline water will help keep your body balanced and at the correct pH it needs to be.  The other benefit to drinking alkaline water is that it will allow for your body to more easily get rid of acidic waste, because your body will not have a problem sacraficing some of its alkaline fluids if it has an abundance of it.

Secondly, alkaline water has a TON of antioxidants in it.  The technical name for it is ORP (oxidation reduction potential).  When this number is positive, it oxidizes, when it is negative, it antioxidizes.  Now everyone in this day and age has heard of free radicals, right? Well these are those unstable molecules that go around your body damaging cells and causing mutations amongst other things.  Antioxidants have the ability to knock out these free radicals.  They neutralize them.  Here is a depiction of what free radicals can do:

So, alkaline ionized water can counter these negative effects of free radicals to a great degree!  Water ionizers can vary in the ORP quite a bit.  To get the best results, I would recommend finding an ionizer that has the lowest negative number -the more negative the better- for the pH that you will be drinking at.

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Alkaline Ionized water is not only for drinking!

I am a strong advocate of drinking alkaline ionized water for better health.  And I can tell you that after over 20 years of drinking alkaline water, I feel healthier than I did when I was young.  But, today I had another reason to use it.  I ate some chilly for lunch and got a spot on my new ivory sweater.  I thought, what a perfect way to highligt the many uses of ionized water.  I then used the highest setting of alkaline as a stain remover and it worked great to loosen up the stain.  I only added a small drop of soap to get the remainder of the stain out.  See pictures below.

Before using alkaline water

After using alkaline water
As you can see, the sweater looks practically brand new!  This is a great way to cost effectively get rid of any stain.  I have even, myself, gotten a blueberry stain out of a white shirt before without any harsh chemicals.

Check out our site to see all of the other uses of alkaline and acidic water: http://www.alkalinewaterplus.com/water-ionizer-use

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Alkaline Water and Weight Loss

It's winter and I'm sure some of you have not been keeping up on your excercise and diet like you should.  The holidays will do that to you. My advice is to drink alkaline water and stick with mainly alkaline foods. 

Alkaline water has been associated with weight loss for quite a while now.  The theory behind this is that people today generally lead acidic lifestyles; they eat lots of meat and carbs, lead stressful lives, drink plenty of soda, ad infinitum.

All of the above can make someone very acidic.  When you are acidic, your body is unable to get rid of all of the acidic wastes it has and so it stores these acidic wastes in fat.  This is the body's defense against getting too acidic.  If your body gets too acidic you can become very sick and even die.  Your blood needs to be at a pH of 7.365 at all times. 

So, it follows that if you become more alkaline then it would be much easier to lose weight.  Changing your eating habits to more alkaline foods would also encourage weight loss as a lot of these alkaline foods are leafy greens.

Here is a list of some common alkaline foods:
Brussel Sprouts

So, adding these alkaline foods to your diet along with drinking alkaline ionized water will increase your chances of losing weight to a great degree.  For more information on where to get alkaline water, please visit www.alkalinewaterplus.com

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Why is Alkaline Ionized Water So Healthy?

Ionized water is not new.  Water ionizers, however, are!  There are places in the world where people live to be far longer than normal.  There have been many studies conducted in these places and it has been found that this curative water is very alkaline and highly ionized!

What water ionizers do for us, is allow for you to get this alkaline ionized water wherever you live!  You don't have to move to the Himalayas or some such place to find the fountain of youth.  You can make it right in your own kitchen!

Now, you have probably heard that water makes up about 70% of your body.  This being the case, a high quality water will help you feel better, more lively and become more healthy!

I don't want to sound like a water snob.  In fact, I think that any water is better than no water for sure. But, let me tell you some of the experiences I have had and have seen other people have in using alkaline ionized water:

I used to have allergies to mold, grass, pollen, and dust ever since I was a child. My children had several allergies as well, and we all had a cold or sore throat here and there throughout the years. I had a regular sore throat which I had no idea how to solve. I had it tested, but the doctor said it was just cause by post-nasal-drip, related to simple allergies, and not to worry about it. I think my family and I were pretty typical of a normal, mostly-healthy, people. 

After drinking alkaline water for a few months, what happened was miraculous. All of the runny noses, ear aches, head aches, sore throats, acid reflux, and other little defects in our health started to disappear. Even allergies that I was sure were genetic and unavoidable disappeared. As each of my three younger children reached puberty they were virtually free of the acne problems experienced by my older two children [who didn't have an alkaline water machine growing up].

The other day, I answered the phone to a previous customer who was ecstatic about a friend of his, whom he gave a few gallons of alkaline ionized water to, and this friend had their 9 month old baby drink some of this water.  That night was the first night that the baby slept through the entire night!  Before this, the baby would wake up several times and cry throughout the night [seems pretty typical for a baby right?].  

Here is a link for more success stories from our own customers! http://www.alkalinewaterplus.com/using-ionized-water-testimonials

The point of all of this is that alkaline water can improve your quality of life above the "normal" that is expected in society today!   It isn't normal to have colds half of the year or to constantly have to deal with allergies etc.  Alkaline water can help!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

New! Nexus X-Blue and Nexus II SMart Ionizer Comparison

The Nexus X-Blue water ionizer and the new Nexus II SMart water ionizer are both produced by LG Electronics’s OEM manufacturer, Entech. They are both reliable, and made of high-quality parts. So, what is the difference between these two high quality alkaline antioxidant machines?

Two Great Nexus Water Ionizers Compared!

Below is a chart that I have made comparing these two great water ionizers! The main differences between them are that the SMart water ionizer has:
  • continuous cleaning [an important feature for efficiency in water ionization];
  • power-booster options;
  • under-sink installation options;
  • better ionization;
  • better filtration;
  • and the under-sink kit is available with purchase of the SMart ionizer for about half off of the retail price!
Both of these alkaline water ionizers are on sale for $400 off of their retail price!!! Now is the right time to buy either one! Also, read “More Comments”, below, to see why the new SMart water ionizer costs more.
Click the links for further information:Nexus X-BlueNexus II SMart
Nexus X-Blue Water Ionizer
Nexus II SM-art Water Ionizer
[Retail: $1495]
[Retail: $1895]
Manufacturer InformationLG [OEM]
Nexus Brand
Nexus Brand
Is the Installation Easy to Do?YesYes
Does it Have Voice Prompts and Silent Options?YesYes
Can it Be Installed Under the Sink?NoYes
Warranty10-Years Parts & Labor10-Years Parts & Labor
Satisfaction Guarantee from Alkaline Water Plus60 Days60 Days
Construction Quality: How many years is it expected to last?Good…15+Good…15+
Latest St. Louis Comparison TestingReally GoodBetter
Does it get good ORP [antioxidants] at all pH-levels?YesYes
Best Flow-Rate for Ionization1.5 Liters/min.1.5 Liters/min.
Does it Have a Flow-Control Knob?YesYes
Lowest Acid Water [St. Louis]43
Highest Alkaline Water [St. Louis]11.011.0
Ability to Get Extremes of pHGoodBetter
Does it Allow for Power-Boosting or Programming?NoYes
Type of PlatesSolid & Mesh CombinationMesh
Pure Platinum over Titanium?YesYes
Plating ProcessDippedDipped
Efficient Use of  Electricity & Plate Design [Does it thoroughly ionize the water?]GoodBetter
Plate SourceJapanJapan
Plastics: Uses BPA Free, NSA Certified, Food-Grade Plastics for everyYesYes
Flow-Rate Indicator? [...showing the alkaline water flow-rate, usually in liters per minute.]YesYes
Cleaning Type [For automatic cleaning of plates.]Reverse Polarity and After Pouring an Extra Wash is DoneContinuous Cleaning[Allows for most efficiency in ionization.]
Filtration [in microns]1Micron, Single filter port.01 Micron Ultra Carbon Filter [Filters out all bacteria, fungus, cysts, virus, etc. Same fineness as used in Kidney Dialysis.]
Filters Lead & Heavy Metals?YesYes
Filters Chlorine?YesYes
Allows Good Minerals ThroughYesYes
Reliable Filter Life IndicatorYes—by iconYes – by icon
Filter Cost$79.00$89.95
Power Surge Protection?Yes, FuseYes, Fuse
Hot Water Alarm?YesYes
Low Pressure Alarm?YesYes
Temperature Safety Shut Down [Protection against user-error]?YesYes

More Comments on Nexus Water Ionizers

Nexus is a very highly respected name in water ionizers. They have been working with hospitals in Korea and Japan for over a decade.
The Nexus SMart ionizer is more expensive because of the high tech electronics, plate construction and continuous-cleaning in the water cell tend to cost much more. Both of these water ionizers are a great buy though! From personal experience with each ionizer, I would highly recommend either one.  They are also both eligible for our 0% interest payment plan. See the links below to learn more about these two great water ionizers:
After about 20 years of drinking alkaline ionized water, I can say with conviction that the very best thing I could give to myself or a loved one is a WATER IONIZER! Give yourself and your family the gift of health this year! See my testimonial.
Wishing You Water Wellness!
Cathleen LoGrasso

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

How Alkaline Ionized Water Helps with Digestion

When you think of digestion, you often think of the stomach, but this is only a small part of the digestive tract.  Digestion starts with the mouth and goes all the way to the large intestine. So how does alkaline ionized water help your digestive tract?

Alkaline water helps the digestive system in many ways.  The intestines need an alkaline pH to be healthy.  And there are many other organs that benefit from alkaline water as well.

When is the right time to drink alkaline water?

The right time to drink alkaline ionized water is almost always! The general rule of thumb is if you're eating meat or dairy it will want an acidic pH in order to trigger the proper enzymes, so during such a meal it's not suggested to consume alkaline ionized water [or 20 min. before/after]. Other than that the stomach likes alkaline ionized water, just like the other organs and cells in your body. 
Alkaline ionized water is fine to drink at all other times, and does not harm the stomach in any way. Because water has no calories, the stomach doesn't recognize it as anything that requires digestion. Water also doesn't stay in the stomach generally; it passes right through in a few minutes.  

Alkaline water and the effects on different organs:

The stomach is the only organ in the entire digestive system that requires a low acid pH level in order to do its job, and it produces it all by itself by injecting HCL, or hydrochloric acid, into the stomach as food arrives.
Water, by itself, does not trigger the production of HCL or digestion, so is allowed to pass through the stomach quickly and undigested without upsetting the overall pH balance of the stomach. If you are just eating an apple or other piece of fruit, there is no concern about drinking alkaline ionized water right along with it. But if you are eating a meal with meat in it, you should not drink alkaline water 
Maintaining an alkaline balance in the intestines can make a great contribution to a person’s colon health as well as their overall health an well-being.
It will assist the small intestines to maintain a healthy 8.5 pH so as to inhibit the growth of parasites, funguses, and other undesirable microorganisms. Parasites going unchecked are often a large contributor to mal-nourishment and weight-management problems.
In the large intestine the main job is the absorption of water into the body, production of B and K vitamins, absorption of a few more nutrients, and then quickly eliminating the waste. A good, healthy, alkaline pH level in the large intestine helps to inhibit the growth of bad-bacteria and maintain the proper balance of good bacteria [intestinal flora].
As you can see, alkaline water does in fact help at many points along the digestion line.  
For more information on alkaline water and digestion, http://www.alkalinewaterplus.com/digestion.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What is ORP and why is Alkaline Water Good for You?

There is another benefit to alkaline water that I should go over with you.  This is called ORP or oxidation reduction potential.   This is another way of saying antioxidant.  

Here is an example of oxidation in an apple.

Oxidation is a chemical reaction. Active oxygen [O2+] circulates the body, stealing electrons & damaging the cells. This is called a free radical. A free radical is an unbalanced oxygen molecule with an unpaired electron. It needs another electron to be stable and steals it from your cells. This process is called oxidation. 
Ionized water produces a Negative ORP [oxidation reduction potential]...which is really good. With a Negative ORP you get lots of extra negatively charged electrons to combine with the free radicals formed by oxidation. This makes them stable again and non-threatening to your cell health. There are no better, more easily absorbable antioxidants that a person could consume than those found in the OH- ions in alkaline ionized water.

One additional advantage to alkaline ionized water is that it is micro-clustered.  This means that the water molecules are in smaller clusters or bunches and it makes it much easier to absorb into the body.  So you can get the benefits of alkaline ionized water much better and faster than regular water and since it is alkaline and ionized the benefits are far greater than regular water!
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