Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Alkaline Water and Pregnancy

My pregnancies were some of the best times of my life. I loved most everything about them. And as an expecting mother, whether it's your first pregnancy or your fifth, you want to do everything right for the little baby growing inside you. That's why I'm going to go over why drinking alkaline ionized water is such a fantastic addition to your diet before and during your pregnancy.

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Your Body During Pregnancy

When you first become pregnant your body tends to become more acidic. This is due to the alkaline minerals being taken from the mother and supplied to the growing fetus. These are delivered via the umbilical cord. When the baby consumes these nutrients they produce an acidic waste that is expelled by way of the placenta. The mother's body has a hard time neutralizing these acidic wastes and they can build up in her cells.

The baby is also needing more and more fluid for the growing amniotic sac. You need plenty of water to help flush out the waste and also supply the amniotic sac with plenty of hydration.

Many medical professionals mistakenly think women get dehydrated from all the nausea and vomiting in the first trimester, but actually it is the opposite – the nausea and vomiting are caused by being dehydrated and more acidic. That's why mothers experiencing morning sickness feel relief right away once they start drinking alkaline ionized water.

Did you know that by week 20 you have approximately 50% more blood than before you conceived? And blood is composed of nearly 50% water? I'm sure you can see why it is so very important to not only increase your water intake but to make sure the water you are drinking is hydrating you to the fullest.

How Alkaline Water Helps Hydrate You

When the alkaline water is processed in your water ionizer, the molecules are broken down and made smaller. This enables the cells in your body to absorb them far easier than regular tap or bottled water.
This then helps flush out all the acidic waste in your cells and continue replenishing the fluid in the amniotic sac.

Recent studies in Japan have found that drinking plenty of alkaline ionized water can lower your risk of pre-eclampsia. Also, drinking ionized water helps stabilize blood pressure, reduce water retention and thus eliminate swollen hands and ankles.

When to Switch to Alkaline Water

It is important that you don't wait until you have conceived to start drinking plenty of alkaline water. It is highly beneficial to start prior to conception to increase the alkalinity of your body and create a reserve of alkaline nutrients for when conception does take place.

Did you know that during the course of your pregnancy over 1 trillion divisions of cells takes place in your womb? That is a lot of cells, each of which needs water to stay hydrated!

Medical Research Proves Alkaline Water Aides in Pregnancy

Dr. Watanabe Ifao, head of Gynecology in Japan, worked with tens of thousands of gynecological patients who had pre-eclamptic toxemia and this is what he has to say about alkaline ionized water:

"I found that the women with pre-eclamptic toxemia who consumed antioxidant water tend to deliver healthier babies with stronger muscles."

Also a follow-up survey carried out on babies in this group showed their intelligence was above average.

So go ahead and add that water ionizer to your list of items needed for baby. It really is an important addition to your routine.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Are You Getting Bored Drinking Plain Water?

Here are some interesting ways to add some spice to your water regimine:

1. Fruit-Infused Water

Yummy! Here are some recipe ideas:

fruit alkaline water ionized water

2. Go Herbal

Enjoy a mug of your favorite herbal tea!

Chamomile helps lower blood pressure.
Green tea helps with weight loss.
Ginger soothes an upset stomach and can help relieve arthritis pain and inflammation.
Sage tea helps with excess perspiration.

3. Mix Up Your Ice Cubes

Freeze some fruit in your ice cubes or throw some frozen fruit into your glass of water! Sounds delish!

alkaline water fresh fruit infused water

4. Add Some Juice

Add a splash of 100% fruit juice to your water for a little kick. I like cranberry with some fresh squeezed lime juice, but play with the flavors you like!

5. Add Some Seltzer Water

Add some Perrier to your water for a carbonated version of your H2O. You can also add some fresh fruit, herbs or juice to your carbonated water.

I know that it can be hard to solely drink water day in and day out. But I definitely recommend staying away from soft drinks (both diet and regular, especially diet), sweetened iced tea, sweetened juices, etc.

Play around with these ideas and you'll be drinking plenty of water all summer long!  

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Cancer and Alkaline Ionized Water

When cancer patients come into my office … their bodies are almost always very acidic and toxic. My first task is to get their tissues to alkalinize with alkaline water and alkaline foods.” — Dr. Don Colbert, M.D., author, The Seven Pillars of Health

Body pH and Disease

Most diseases, bacteria and viruses cannot sustain life in a well-oxygenated environment. These pathogens die off when the environment they are in reach a pH of 7.6. When your body becomes too acidic, these pathogens can start growing.

An acidic body starts killing its own healthy cells, has a weakened immune system and cannot fight off disease as well as a more alkaline body.

A medical doctor by the name of Dr. Otto Warburg was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1931 for his tremendous discoveries in Medicine. He discovered that cancer cells are not fueled by oxygen as normal cells are. The high levels of oxygen that are found in healthy, alkaline bodies are toxic to cancers. He found that cancers get their energy from sugars and a process of fermentation in acidic environments. He proved empirically the relationship between cancers, acidic body pH, and cellular oxygen starvation. His findings demonstrated that cancers are merely a symptom of acidosis, and therefore it is impossible to truly cure any cancer without first curing the underlying acidosis.

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Creating an Alkaline Body

Drinking alkaline ionized water contributes in three ways to creating a more alkaline body.

1) The antioxidant property of the water helps get rid of free radicals in the body that destroy healthy tissue and cells.

2) The micro-clustered water molecules of the alkaline water are far easier for your body to absorb, which helps flush out toxins from your body that lead to an acidic environment.

3) Alkaline water helps balance the pH of the body, making it more alkaline and less acidic. It has an abundance of ionic alkaline minerals and these are more available for your body to use in making it more alkaline.

In this article here I have more research done on this topic, along with quotes from reputable sources, so I highly suggest taking a look at that as well. Doctors/Experts

And I, of course, highly recommend you invest in an electric water ionizer for your continued health and the continued health of your family.  

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Acidic Ionized Water and Gardening

Today I am going to give you another use for your water ionizer, but this time it's not for drinking, but for your plants and flowers.

Watering Your Plants and Flowers with Acidic Ionized Water

How would you like longer-lasting flower blooms, plants free of mold and bacteria or those roses your husband bought you to last for several more days? Plants and flowers respond very well to a mildly acidic ionized water. And they last longer than when watered with regular tap water!

Here is a comparative picture to show you the kind of results to expect:

acidic ionized water, ionized water, plants, flowers

I highly recommend watering your garden plants and your grass with a mild acidic ionized water, filling your vases with this water, as well as spraying your house plants with it. This results in increased plant growth and having to use less pesticides and/or other chemicals.

The right acid setting of you water can also help in the germination and seeding of your plants. But each plant has a different acidity level so make sure you google what that acidity level is. For example, tomatoes do best in a soil that is anywhere between 6.0 and 6.8 on the pH scale, as do most vegetables, whereas blueberries do well anywhere from 4.5-5.5.

How the Acidic Ionized Water Helps Your Plants and Flowers

The acidity of the water kills mold, bacteria and fungi that like to grow on your plants. This water can also help with fungal or bacterial infection in plants.

Another aspect to this is that, while we humans need an alkaline water, plants are opposite and need a slightly acidic water. If you think about it, it makes sense. Humans breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide, while plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen for us to breathe in. Therefore, their needs are different than ours.

Here is video showing you how to pour your acidic water for use, along with other neat uses for it.

So good luck in your gardening endeavors this year! Do an experiment comparing watering with tap water and watering with acid ionized water and feel free to share it with us!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Eating an Alkaline Diet in Addition to Drinking Plenty of Alkaline Water

There is no bigger change to your daily routine that I can make than drinking plenty of alkaline ionized water. However, there are additional steps to take in your overall diet that will further help the alkalinity of your body. And that next step is to start eating more alkaline foods. So, let's go over that today.

Alkalizing Foods

There are two kinds of foods when it comes to alkalinity: Acid-forming foods and alkaline-forming foods. It is recommended that you eat a ratio of 80% alkaline-forming foods to 20% acid-forming foods. But I would suggest starting on a gradient, incorporating more and more alkaline foods into your diet.

Now an important datum to have is just because the food is acidic, e.g. lemons, does not mean that it is automatically an acid-forming food. The opposite is also true – for example, sugar is alkaline outside of the body, but the reactions it causes inside the body classifies it as an acid-forming food.

"All natural foods contain both acid and alkaline-forming elements," says the Conscious Living Center. "In some, acid-forming elements dominate; in others, alkaline-forming elements dominate. According to modern biochemistry, it is not the organic matter of foods that leave acid or alkaline residues in the body. The inorganic matter (sulfur, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, magnesium and calcium) determines the acidity or alkalinity of the body fluids."

Alkaline Foods to Start Incorporating

alkaline foods acid foods

Here is a short list of the most common alkaline-forming foods:

Green beans
Olive oil
Sweet potatoes

Here is a short list of alkaline-forming foods to start avoiding:

Most breads
Sugary foods

Click here for a full acid/alkaline report and diet.

I would recommend starting out by adding lots of good fruits and vegetables to your diet while cutting out the obvious alkaline foods such as soft drinks, alcohol and grains.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions on what I went over today.

Good luck in eating healthier in addition to drinking plenty of alkaline water!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Are You Dehydrated?

We all are probably guilty of thinking we are drinking enough water, only to come to find out we really aren't. Especially with all the soda and coffee we seem to drink, which further dehydrates us, we are probably getting less water than we think we are. 

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Today we will go over some ways you can tell if you're dehydrated and need more water:

1. One way you can check immediately if you're in need of more water is by gently pinching the skin on the back of your hand, between your wrist and your knuckles. If the skin snaps back quickly that is a good sign, but if the skin is slow to go back it's safe to assume you should increase your water consumption.

2. Check the color of your urine. If you're drinking enough water it will be a very light yellow color.

3. Is your skin dry? Instead of coating your skin with perfumed lotions filled with chemicals, drink more water and increase your Omega-3 fatty acids.

4. Do you have bad breath? Saliva has antibacterial qualities so if you don't have enough of it you can develop bad breath. When you're dehydrated your body can't produce enough saliva to keep your mouth as clean as it should be.

5. Did you know that a sweet tooth can be a sign of dehydration? It can! Certain organs like your liver need plenty of water to release components of your stores of energy. So if you aren't hydrated well and you need energy, instead of your body being able to use some of its own stored energy you get a craving for sugar, sweets or some other form of simple carbohydrates. The next time you want to reach for the afternoon Snickers, grab instead a bowl of fruit, such as watermelon or pineapple that has a high water content. This will both satisfy your sweet tooth and help hydrate you.

6. Do you get charlie horses or other muscle cramping? That, too, can be a sign you need to reach for that glass of water.

7. Headaches. Your brain sits in a sac of fluid that keeps it from bumping into the skull. If it is depleted of water, it can knock into the skull leading to headaches.

8. Are you constipated? Water helps move waste through your colon. Again, without enough water, your body can't efficiently move the waste through your body.

What to Do if You Have Any of These Symptoms

I highly recommend getting an electric water ionizer to ensure total hydration. Like we have talked about here and here, the micro-clustered molecules of the ionized water is better able to be absorbed by the body's cells.

Check out our wide selection of ionizers here and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Alkaline Ionized Water and Allergies

Allergy Season

Well, it's almost that time of year again – allergy season. Some people dread this time of year while others look forward to spring – flowers, Easter, budding trees, the smell of freshly cut grass. So I'm going to help give you a great solution to your runny nose, watery eyes and scratchy throat. And that solution is drinking plenty of ionized water!

allergies, alkaline water, ionized water, histamine

Ionized Water Leads to Greater Hydration

I have gone over how ionized water has been shown to greatly increase hydration, as compared to drinking regular tap water, bottled water or distilled water. This is due to the micro-clustered water molecules that are easier for your body to absorb and use. This increased hydration helps the body handle the allergens in the air that invade your body. This helps keep the body from releasing histamine, which, while it helps protect the body from these “invaders”, causes the watery eyes, runny nose, scratchy throat, et al, that millions of people suffer through every spring and fall.

Dehydration and Histamine

According to Dr. F. Batmanghelidj, author of “Water: for Health, for Healing, for Life”, being dehydrated is one of the main causes of allergies.

When the body is dehydrated your body produces more histamine. And considering nearly 75% of people are dehydrated, it's no wonder so many suffer from allergies!

Histamine is a natural compound released by the cells when they are injured or there are allergens present in the body. The body sees these allergens as harmful to the body and so the immune system releases histamine. This causes the blood vessels to dilate. As a result fluid and cells can leak from the bloodstream and do so in affected area. This is why you get a runny nose and watery eyes. These are the areas of the body most affected by the allergens and so the body sends localized help to these areas to fight off the supposed “intruders.” Another response in the body caused by the release of histamine is the contraction of smooth muscles, such as in the lungs. This leads to contracting bronchial tubes and that's why you get coughing, wheezing, etc.

I'm sure we've all seen commercials for anti-histamines. All these medications do is suppress the body's reaction to the release of the histamine in the body.

A Better Alternative to Taking Medication

A better option, and a far more inexpensive one at that, is to increase your consumption of alkaline ionized water during allergy season. I suggest getting a jump start on the impending arrival of all types of pollen and increase your ionized water intake. And if you do begin to see any signs of an allergic reaction flaring up, quickly drink 24-32 ounces of ionized water. This increased hydration will help inhibit the release of histamine and help your body flush these allergens from your body naturally. 

Visit our ionized water store to purchase your water ionizer today if you don't already own one.