Saturday, December 13, 2014

Ultra Runner Drinks Chanson Alkaline Water and Runs his Personal Best!

The Ukrainian Ultra Runner, Stuisheel Oleg Lebediev, recently ran the official longest race in the world.  The race was 3100 miles long in NY from June to August 2014.

Lebediev was advised by his naturopathic doctor to start drinking Chanson water while training for his race.  He started with Level 1 and then switched to Level 2 Chanson water.  On his 48 day race, he experienced on the 6th day that his legs felt new again.  He averaged 64 miles per day, and the last three days he ran 70 miles or more.

He drank ionized water every 6 hours.  He also experienced less stomach acid problems throughout the race than in previous races.  You can see a more detailed report from Lebediev himself here:

The Chanson water ionizer helped this Ultra Runner hit his personal best and recover much faster than he thought possible!  If you have an active lifestyle, alkaline water can help you too!  Check out our Chanson Miracle Max page for more information on a wonderful Chanson water ionizer.  Just click the picture below.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Bottled Water-To Drink or Not To Drink

Did you know that if you only drank bottled water for a year at 100oz a day, you would spend between $1400 and $3650 depending on the brand of bottled water.  And that is only for one year!  Tap water is much much cheaper, at less than $1 per day.

Bottled water is often lightly filtered tap water which makes the high price more outrageous.  I have tested a wide variety of bottled waters and there are very few that have an alkaline pH or negative ORP like alkaline ionized water.  Here is a video of me testing out a wide variety of bottled waters:

Very often, they actually have an acidic pH, so you are overpaying for acidic water!  There is a lot of advertising and hype that goes along with bottled water, there are some people who do not drink anything but bottled water.  In fact, the Natural Resource Defense Council says this on their website

"1. Isn't bottled water safer than tap water?

"No, not necessarily.  NRDC conducted a four-year review of the bottled water industry and the safety standards that govern it, including a comparison of national bottled water rules with national tap water rules, and independent testing of over 1,000 bottles of water.  Our conclusion is that there is no assurance that just because water comes out of a bottled it is any cleaner or safer than water from the tap.  And in fact, an estimated 25 percent or more of bottled water is really just tap water in a bottle -- sometimes further treated, sometimes not.

"2. Is bottled water actually unsafe? 

"Most bottled water appears to be safe.  Of the bottles we tested, the majority proved to be high quality and relatively free of contaminants.  The quality of some brands was spotty, however, and such products may pose a health risk, primarily for people with weakened immune systems (such as the frail elderly, some infants, transplant and cancer patients, or people with HIV/AIDS). About 22 percent of the brands we tested contained, in at least one sample, chemical contaminants at levels above strict state health limits.  If consumed over a long period of time, some of these contaminants could cause cancer or other health problems.

"3. Could the plastic in water bottles pose a health risk?

"Recent research suggests that there could be cause for concern, and that the issue should be studied closely. Studies have shown that chemicals called phthalates, which are known to disrupt testosterone and other hormones, can leach into bottled water over time. One study found that water that had been stored for 10 weeks in plastic and in glass bottles contained phthalates, suggesting that the chemicals could be coming from the plastic cap or liner. Although there are regulatory standards limiting phthalates in tap water, there are no legal limits for phthalates in bottled water -- the bottled water industry waged a successful campaign opposing the FDA proposal to set a legal limit for these chemicals."

Also, check out this video about the story of bottled water:

Instead of buying all of this bottled water, it would be wise to invest in an alkaline water ionizer.  You would get a much higher quality of water for less cost!  Depending on the ionizer that you buy, it could pay for itself within a year!  See our water ionizer comparison chart to see which water ionizer would best suit you.  There are many many choices in the water ionizer arena, and it can get confusing to someone who is new to the idea.  Our comparison chart is made for the new-comers to alkaline water.  It is very extensive and is based on years of our own testing and comparing water ionizers.

You can check out our benefits of alkaline water page to find out more about alkaline water and how it works.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Bottled Alkaline Water

I have recently been seeing more alkaline water choices in the grocery stores.  You can get bottled alkaline water at many grocery and health stores.  I want to go over why this is not the best way to get your alkaline water.

Bottled alkaline water has to be stored in a very specific way in order to keep the pH and ORP properly.  If you store it with any air in the bottle, the ORP can dramatically drop in as little as one day.  See the video below to see how to properly store ionized water.

Most bottles that you would buy in the grocery store, are plastic and do not store alkaline water well. So, if you have bottles sitting on the shelves of a grocery store filled with alkaline water, it will very likely not be as alkaline as it was when it was ionized.

The best way to drink alkaline water is to pour it from your ionizer and drink it right away.  This way it has the best ORP and pH that it could.  But, if you are going to store alkaline water for any period of time, the best container we have found is our vacuum seal stainless steel bottles.  They will store the pH and even the ORP!  This is almost unheard of.  See our product page for more details:

If you want the best water for you, the best thing to do is to get your own water ionizer.  Pick one that is right for you.  Then you can pour and drink healthy alkaline ionized water whenever you want! You can see our water ionizer comparison page on our site for help with choosing your very own ionizer.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Black Friday Water Ionizer Sale????

If you guys are thinking that there may be a Black Friday Sale here at Alkaline Water Plus, then you were thinking right!  I can't give away the details here.  Call if you have any questions at all.  888-692-5525.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A Review of the Vesta Water Ionizer

The Vesta water ionizer has some of the newest technologies of water ionizers out there. It is a very powerful 9-plate water ionizer.  Emco Tech has provided you with an ionizer that will provide years of high quality alkaline water.

All water ionizers are tested before shipping to you to ensure only the highest quality is sent to you.  There are a few features of this model that I want to go over as they are what makes this ionizer great!  First we have the AutoAdjust optimizer.  This is an Emco Tech exclusive feature which automatically adjusts the ionizing power giving the best performance and ionization for your particular water source.  The vesta also has the SmartSwitch-this is the next generation of SMPS power supply provides the most stable and efficient power platform.  It also has the AutoClean fully automatic post use cleaning system so that you never have to wait for your ionizer to be cleaned and it protects your investment from pesky hard water scaling.

You may have known this ionizer as the "Samsung Vesta" in the recent past, but Samsung has recently changed their policy regarding their name / trademark on collaborative products and prefers that their name and logo be used only for their own exclusive product range to avoid product confusion.  So, we have officially changed our site to reflect the news.  However, this is still the same high performing water ionizer as previously just with a slightly altered name.

For more information on the Vesta GL water ionizer, please visit this link 9-Plate Vesta GL Water Ionizer.

Also, please feel free to browse through the reviews of this water ionizer.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

What Does Mineral Content Have to do With Alkaline Ionized Water?

I have been reading up on the idea that "pure water" is best for your health.  There are several sites that go over the fact that pure water is the best for you.  However, there is much evidence that suggests otherwise.  Alkaline ionized water contains minerals which play a big part in its ionization.  Without these minerals in the water, water does not ionize, and electric water ionizers fail.

First, I want to debunk the idea that pure water is the best for you.  This is just wholly untrue.  If you do some research you will find that the places where people live the longest in this world have water very similar to alkaline ionized water.  It is high in alkaline minerals and is slightly ionized.  There are also several areas in Southeast Asia that use these water ionizers for health purposes.   And, I have personally been using this water for over 20 years with great results.  I feel better now than I did in my 20s and 30s!  You can find more testimonials here: Customers’ Personal Testimonials.

Additionally, in looking into the sites that promote this idea that alkaline ionized water is useless and pure water is the only way to go, I found that they also sell reverse osmosis machines.  Reverse Osmosis has a time and a place for use.  It is, in fact, the only way to successfully filter salt out of water, and it is very useful in getting hardness out of your water as well.  My recommendation is to add a remineralization filter to add minerals back into your water if you have an RO.  What happens with an RO is that it filters the water to such an extent that it filters out all minerals from the water as well. This makes the water very acidic, ranging from about a 5-6 pH.

The next idea I want to go over is this idea of "pure water".  Nowhere in nature will you find water void of all minerals.  Groundwater seeps into the bedrock and absorbs minerals.  This is the same for any water source.  Source-water differs depending on the minerals in the area you get the water from. Water tends to absorb things from the area around it especially if it does not have any minerals in it already.  If you drink water filtered of any minerals, it actually leaches minerals from your body!  Water without chemicals and contaminants is beneficial, however, this should not be mistaken for water void of all minerals as well.  I have found that there are many filters out there designed to filter specific contaminants that will also allow minerals to pass through instead of using RO.

The last point I want to go over is the fact that alkaline water ionizers need the minerals in your water in order to ionize.  As I said earlier, you can't ionizer pure water.  The minerals are what really allow for you to ionize your water.  Pure water is neutral and does not have a positive or negative charge.  The electric water ionizers simply use electrolysis in order to split the water into alkaline and acidic streams, and more specifically the alkaline and acidic minerals are split.  If you get a quality electric ionizer (from Japan or Korea) then there should be no worry of any contamination from the platinum plates.  These countries consider these machines medical equipment so they are held to high standards there.

Please visit our site for more information on alkaline water ionizers.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Why Should you Find out if Your Water has Fluoride in it?

I'm sure that many of you have heard of the cautions and dangers against fluoride.  Before we started adding fluoride to our water, fluoride was used as an insecticide and a rate poison.  It is poisonous.  It's a byproduct of aluminum and other manufacturing.

Fluoride does occur in nature as it is a mineral, and can be found in ground water.  But, it has been found that communities with fluoridated water have no direct correlation between the fluoride and improved dental health.

What are the dangers of fluoride?  Fluoride is apparently found in the brains of most Alzheimer's patients.  Fluoride has also been linked to osteoporosis, damage to the nervous system, and even cancer.

So, it would be beneficial to get rid of fluoride in your water supply.  There are many ways to do this. There are specific filters that you can get that have activated alumina in them which will filter fluoride.  You can use reverse osmosis.  Last but not least, you can use a water ionizer.

Electric water ionizers split up your water into acidic and alkaline streams.  Fluoride is an acidic mineral, so the fluoride will go to the acidic stream.  You filter out about 85% of the fluoride in the water in this way.  There are also some water ionizers that go the extra mile and have the option of  fluoride filters for the machine.  With this added fluoride filtration, water ionizers can get up to 99.99% of the fluoride out of your water.  Take a look at our water ionizer comparison chart to see which ionizers filter fluoride and which don't

Don't forget the added bonus of a water ionizer, alkaline water.  This is very important in keeping your body healthy-it's pH level.  It has been found that an acidic environment breeds disease and cancer, so keeping your body's pH level alkaline is key to your health!